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Case Studies

Renovations to occupied medical office buildings throughout greater New England area. Complete demolition, relocation and fitup of occupied medical office spaces to accommodate expansion and rebranding of Humana and Concentra businesses.

  • Multi Phased Renovations to accommodate transfer and occupancy of:
  • Waiting Rooms, Exam Rooms, Physical Therapy, Sample Rooms
  • ZERO downtime for customer- NO pause in operations
  • HIPPA and OSHA compliance maintained throughout all phases of construction
  • Coordination of all owner supplied equipment and vendor in tandem with construction

Acid waste, Fume Hoods, Multi Gases, Epoxy Counters are all trademarks of traditional lab space work. Couple that with HEPA systems, epoxy floors, high end casements you achieve a state of the art Chemistry Lab.

  • High level of coordination with facilities and the many utilities required for infrastructure hookup
  • Multiple floors of coordination for routing of piping and through roof
  • Seven Fume Hoods, Five Snorkel Hoods, Three Glove Boxes
  • Performed all work adjacent a live lab space
  • Careful consideration to existing surroundings and scientists during construction

Build-It is pleased to have returned for a second year of restroom renovations at Woodside Hall. Both renovation projects were completed on time and on budget

  • Aggressive Scheduling
  • 55 Restrooms for full renovation within existing dorm rooms
  • Stairwell flooring, walls, painting in 6 separate buildings
  • Intimate knowledge of UNH procedure and material procurement
  • Summer time table – preconstruction was extremely important

Occupied Eight story apartment building in downtown Cambridge, MA. Removal and replacement of flooring finishes and wall covering throughout all corridors required careful coordination with tenants and operations. All tenant doors/frames were also painted while apartment units were occupied.

  • Six different Flooring Specifications
  • Sizing and preparation of new wall covering at existing walls
  • Working around owner’s schedule to mitigate disruption to tenants
  • Socialize Rooms, Strategize Rooms, Leasing Office and Five Floors of Common Corridors
  • No punch list

Build-It Construction boasts a phenomenal track record working within occupied spaces, logistically challenging institutional settings with aggressive schedules. The project in reference is a renovation of multiple lecture rooms. We were able to successfully introduce a raised platform for added seating and ADA compliance to these spaces while also coordinating the following:

  • Precise infrastructure layout of: Floor Boxes, Projector Mounts, DTS (distance to screens)
  • Sound attenuating acoustical fabric wrapped panels
  • Constant communication with Owner and Owner vendors
  • Special detailing in coordinate various flooring patterns and seams
  • 100% commitment to having rooms ready BEFORE turn over date

How do you build out a space that has 75% of the scope above and within the ceiling, which is 24 feet above the finished floor? Easy. Safely construct a full staging platform at the entire footprint and build from the top down. That is how Build-It was able to quickly and safely coordinate all trades- working on top of a fully staged auditorium and then reducing the tiers as the project continued.

  • Aggressive 9 week project schedule during prime ‘Holiday Season’
  • DMX Control system for custom lighting fixtures and scenes to tie
  • Multiple tiered ceiling systems, and structural components for supplemental support and tiered seating.
  • Custom millwork install and matching of building that was constructed in early 1900’s

This project is a GREAT example of Build-It Construction’s ability to meet an extremely difficult time table while sharing a portion of the space with another construction management firm during the project. Our team managed the entire project, including owner’s vendors, while paying great attention to detail to provide a decorative finishes package. An extremely aggressive schedule of 16 weeks, many of those weeks ran double shifts, equated to turning over approx. 2,400/SF per week!

  • This project had an aggressive buyout and material procurement deadline.
  • All finishes and fixtures were not ‘off the shelf’ and required expediting shipments to meet a compressed deadline.
  • High End and custom finishes abound provided a unique feel for the finished project.
  • Space was turned over on time for grand opening and customer relocate


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