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UNH – Woodside

UNH – Woodside
Type of work: Restroom Renovations, Dormitories, 50 Rooms
Location: Durham, NH
Sqarefeet: 10,000
Contract: Lump Sum
Landlord: UNH
Owner: UNH
Architect: Manny Penny
Engineer: Harriman and Assc

Project Description:

Build-It is pleased to have returned for a second year of restroom renovations at Woodside Hall. Both renovation projects were completed on time and on budget

  • Aggressive Scheduling
  • 55 Restrooms for full renovation within existing dorm rooms
  • Stairwell flooring, walls, painting in 6 separate buildings
  • Intimate knowledge of UNH procedure and material procurement
  • Summer time table – preconstruction was extremely important