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UMASS Dartmouth Violette Lab

UMASS Dartmouth Violette Lab
Type of work: Laboratory Construction, Research Building, Third Floor
Location: Dartmouth, MA
Square Feet: 1,200
Contract: Open Book
Landlord: UMASS Dartmouth
Owner: UMASS Dartmouth
Architect: MDS Architects
Engineer: WSP Engineering

Project Description:

Acid waste, Fume Hoods, Multi Gases, Epoxy Counters are all trademarks of traditional lab space work. Couple that with HEPA systems, epoxy floors, high end casements you achieve a state of the art Chemistry Lab.

  • High level of coordination with facilities and the many utilities required for infrastructure hookup
  • Multiple floors of coordination for routing of piping and through roof
  • Seven Fume Hoods, Five Snorkel Hoods, Three Glove Boxes
  • Performed all work adjacent a live lab space
  • Careful consideration to existing surroundings and scientists during construction