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Your renovation or new construction project is unique. In order to follow the uniqueness, we implement a process. From understanding ‘why’ you want or need to perform the work to planning, drawing, permitting, selection of materials, and turn over.

We create the process with you and tweak the process to ensure your project is delivered to satisfy your want or your need.


Let us turn your dream home into a reality.

Our Process


Thank you for visiting! Please tell us what type of project you are looking to do. For instance, constructing an addition, renovating a kitchen, etc.


Once we know what type of project you’d like, a Build-It representative will contact you to setup a quick data gathering call on your project. 


We will analyze the additional information (photos, measurements, or a site visit) that you provided to us and develop a rough budget for your project.


Once a budget has been established, we will review the details and make adjustments in order to align with YOUR budget. Then we’ll discuss the next steps towards formal due diligence in getting your project off the ground!

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