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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling with beautiful granite countertops, white cabinets and navy blue island cabinet

“I would be a much better cook if I had the right kitchen setup” 


Passionate about cooking, this owner desired a kitchen remodeling project to expand the galley kitchen for better prep and finish workspaces, with convenient access to the rear porch.


When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the size of the project doesn’t change the importance of a well-structured process.

Whether you’re considering a small addition or a larger transformation, the steps remain the same.

Let’s delve into how we turned a modest space into a culinary masterpiece through meticulous planning, structural improvements, and custom features.

The Initial Planning and Permitting

Kitchen remodeling begins with thoughtful planning and often requires navigating through permits and variances to meet local regulations.

This phase paves the way for the subsequent construction steps, which include site preparation and essential concrete work, laying a strong foundation for your kitchen vision.

Seamless Integration: Small Space, Big Impact

In this particular kitchen remodeling project, the challenge lay in seamlessly integrating a small addition into the existing structure.

The removal of the roof system and exterior walls demanded extensive custom framing and carpentry.

Despite the limited size, achieving a harmonious tie-in with the existing roofline was paramount.

This meticulous approach ensured proper pitching, effective waterproofing, and the maximization of ceiling height.

Reinforcing for a Better Tomorrow

To create an open and inviting kitchen, a significant amount of structural support and reinforcement work was carried out from the foundation upward.

A combination of concrete, wood, and steel elements were strategically employed to bolster the existing building’s integrity.

This not only safeguarded the structure but also facilitated the removal of two bearing partitions, enhancing the overall layout.

Custom Elegance and High-End Appliances

No kitchen remodeling is complete without personalized touches and top-tier appliances, therefore in this project, we used high-end Wolf appliances, an efficient exhaust system, a custom-fabricated island microwave alcove, and a beautiful sink with a stylish faucet to elevate the culinary experience.

Carefully planned lighting and extensive floor leveling seamlessly connected three different additions, creating a unified and polished space.

The result of this kitchen remodeling endeavor is a kitchen designed for both functionality and aesthetics.

With the right equipment and an efficiently designed space, this kitchen provides the perfect canvas for culinary creativity.

Discover how kitchen remodeling can transform your space and elevate your culinary adventures to a new level.


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