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Home Improvement: Ocean View!

Home Improvement: Ocean View Renovation

“Serenity is embraced by an endless ocean view.” 


The homeowner chose a gem by the majestic Atlantic Ocean, but the existing house needed significant home improvement to enhance the view and overall flow.

With plans for a master suite, double bathrooms, kitchen, and living room remodel, we pursued these improvements to fully appreciate the stunning scenery across the street.


Undertaking extensive home improvement on the 1st-floor layout, we created an open space highlighting ocean views, surfers, and more.

The home improvement project involved analyzing floor plans, site layout, and key design elements.

Structural partitions necessitated skilled carpentry while uneven ceilings demanded leveling for this home improvement endeavor.

This comprehensive project merged six floor configurations into one cohesive design, and we upgraded the electrical system.

The formerly complicated master suite is now free-flowing, with ceramic tiles connecting the powder area, full bathroom, and a separate toilet room.

Eliminating unnecessary closets, upgrading cooktops, and installing custom counters and specialty lighting were key components of the home improvement plan.

One thing is certain: their new and improved floor plan offers an unobstructed Eastern world view every morning.


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