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YMCA Concord NH

YMCA Concord NH
Type of work: Demolition and fit-up, Day Care, 3 Floors
Location: 15 State St Concord, NH
Sqarefeet: 11,000
Contract: Lump Sum
Landlord: YMCA
Owner: YMCA
Architect: Warren Street Architects
Engineer: WVA Engineers

Project Description:

Total project control. Cleanliness’, noisy operations, SAFETY and timeliness all trumped every facet of construction. Renovating occupied structures presents challenges, these challenges are met with a much finer tooth comb when the surroundings are under 6 years in age. Impressionable, curious and naïve are why children are just that, when constructing in and around them, we ensured every move made had these young students at the top of the list for Safety and leadership.

  • Phased construction during full occupancy of classroom spaces
  • Protection, signage and high levels of daily communication
  • Custom millwork throughout
  • Hands on project management on site for all phases