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SMC Sundial

SMC Sundial
Type of work: Demolition for shell, Mixed Use, Three Floors
Location: Sundial Center Manchester, NH
Sqarefeet: 45,000
Contract: Lump Sum
Landlord: SMC Properties
Owner: SMC Properties
Architect: Gary Simmons

Project Description:

Demolition only project. Aggressive six week schedule for demolition of 3 floors in a 6 story occupied mixed use building. This structure underwent many levels of renovations and application of finishes on top of existing finishes (ceilings and flooring for instance). Thus much time was required to get down to a raw slab and deck, stripping every support, hanger and accessory that existed in the perimeter shell.

  • Segregation of life safety systems to ensure balance of building was operational
  • Protection of adjacent tenants on floors above and below to cocoon our space in
  • Fire department coordination paramount with any hot or impairment work
  • Decks were left CLEAN- everything stripped to prepare for incoming tenant
  • Life safety only systems were refit following demolition efforts