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Harvard Kennedy School Recording Room

Harvard Kennedy School Recording Room
Type of work: Conversion of conference room to recording room, Ground Floor
Location: Cambridge, MA
Sqarefeet: 800
Contract: Lump Sum
Landlord: Harvard
Owner: Fellows of Harvard
Architect: Baker Design Group
Engineer: WB Engineers

Project Description:

This project is a GREAT example of Build-It Construction’s ability to again SHARE space with other contractors. During this aggressive summer, HKS had FOUR general contractors performing tasks from this project to erecting a new building adjacent us.

  • Constricted above ceiling space at ground floor level required carefully coordination for MEP infrastructure above
  • Logistics for materials staging and delivery was all just in time
  • Building was occupied on floors above and adjacent spaces, as well as ‘other’ projects occurring in tandem, thus logistics was critical
  • Provided infrastructure for and coordination of all owner vendors (AV, IT, Recording Etc)