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There’s nothing quite like the beauty and functionality of a well-maintained deck, especially as we’ve spent the sunny days of summer enjoying it. But as September rolls in with its crisp breeze, signaling the transition to fall, our decks require a bit of TLC. We’re here as your experienced contractors to guide you through the essential end-of-summer deck maintenance tasks. Let’s ensure your deck stays in tip-top shape for the coming months and beyond!

Cleaning is Key

First and foremost, let’s start with a thorough cleaning. Over the summer, your deck might have accumulated dirt, pollen, and even some mildew or algae. A gentle pressure wash can work wonders. Remember to use a fan-tip nozzle and keep the pressure low to prevent damaging the wood. If you spot any mildew, a deck cleaner containing sodium percarbonate is a great eco-friendly choice to get rid of it.

Check for Damages

Summer gatherings, BBQs, and constant sun exposure might have been tough on your deck. Now’s the time to inspect it closely. Look for any loose nails, splintered boards, or signs of rot. Tighten any loose screws or nails, and replace boards that seem to be damaged. Taking these proactive steps now can save you a bigger headache down the road.

Time to Seal and Protect

Once your deck is clean and repaired, consider re-sealing it. This step is crucial, especially if water droplets soaked into the wood instead of beading up. A good quality sealer will protect your deck from the fall rains and the harsher winter conditions that follow. Whether you prefer a clear sealer or a tinted one to enhance your deck’s natural color, ensuring it has UV protection is essential. The sun, even in cooler months, can bleach and weaken the wood.

Safeguarding the Rails

Don’t forget about the railings! They too need an inspection and possibly a fresh coat of paint or sealer. Check for any signs of wobbling or loose parts. Ensuring they’re sturdy now can prevent potential accidents later.

Prepping Deck Furniture

Chances are, your deck furniture has seen a lot of use this summer. Clean cushions and store them indoors to prevent mold and mildew. For metal furniture, look for rust spots which can be cleaned and touched up with paint. Wooden furniture can benefit from a protective coat of oil.

Plan for Leaves

Ah, the beauty of New England in the fall! But with those stunning colors comes the inevitable leaf drop. Consider setting up a regular sweeping routine or investing in a leaf blower. Allowing wet leaves to accumulate on your deck can lead to mold, mildew, and slippery patches.

Safety First

Lastly, with the shorter days and longer nights, ensure your deck’s lighting is up to par. Check all the bulbs and replace as needed. Good lighting can prevent trips and falls, making evening gatherings safer and more enjoyable.

In Conclusion


Maintaining your deck at the end of summer might feel like a bit of a chore, but trust me, it’s worth the effort. A well-cared-for deck not only lasts longer but provides a beautiful, safe space to enjoy those stunning New England autumns.

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