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Boston College Barat House

BC Barat House
Type of work: Exterior Entry Vestibule, Interior Space Renovation, Class Room and Office Spaces, All Floors
Location: Newton, MA
Contract: Lump Sum
Landlord: Boston College
Owner: Boston College
Architect: Wessling Architects

Project Description:

The Build-It and JDL team have worked closely over a two year duration with CLASS Inc on multiple projects both inside and out. The most recent, was a new entry vestibule, reskin (EIFS) at the exterior, building out a new entry lobby and various interior refinishes.

  • Structural re-support at parking garage columns and vestibule
  • New Exterior vestibule and canopy structure
  • Exterior Insulated Finish System applied to all parking garage walls
  • Interior Renovation and ADA accommodations at Entry Lobby
  • Open book work with goal of saving money and time while meeting all program needs